Polk County Resolutions as Presented to the Polk County Board of Supervisors in the year 2013.

Resolution 1-13
To Authorize Lease of Lime Quarry Lands to Sundbakken Dairy Farm

Adopted 01-15-2013
Resolution 2-13
Urging State Legislators to Vote in Favor of Transportation Dollars for Transportation
Adopted 01-15-2013
Resolution 3-13
To Recognize Tuesday, February 26, 2013 as World Spay Day
Adopted 01-15-2013
Resolution 4-13
To Support Tax Equity on Other Tobacco Products
Adopted 01-15-2013
Resolution 5-13
To Approve Zoning Ordinance Amendments for the Town of Garfield
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 6-13
To Disallow Section 174-11 Dog Claim of CheyeAnn Michael
Adopted 04-30-2013
Resolution 7-13
To Disallow Claim of Paul Burritt
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 8-13
To Authorize Agreement with Village of Osceola for the Acquisition and Sale of Tax Delinquent Property in the Village of Osceola
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 9-13
To Approve the Amended 15 Year (2006-2020) Polk County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 10-13
Concerning Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Recreation Aids for the County of Polk
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 11-13
To Authorize Hazardous Waste Collection with Northwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission in Accordance with Wisconsin Statutes

Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 12-13
To Approve a Memorandum of Agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry to participate in the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Land Acquisition Grant Program
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 13-13
To Authorize Participation in the Northwest Wisconsin Regional Medical Examiner Mutual Aid Compact

Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 14-13
Concerning Newspaper Publication of Legal Notices
Adopted 03-19-2013
Resolution 15-13
To Accept Donation of Land from Janet Ahlgren
Adopted 04-30-2013
Resolution 16-13
To Authorize 2013 Highway Construction Projects

Adopted 04-30-2013
Resolution 18-13
To Grant a Zoning District Change and to Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of Laketown
Adopted 05-21-2013
Resolution 19-13
To Confirm Designation for Persons Authorized to Request Coverage Under Legal Loss Prevention Services Endorsement of Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation Liability Policies

 Adopted 05-21-2013
Resolution 20-13
To Amend 2013 Budget
Adopted 05-21-2013
Resolution 21-13
To Authorize Sale and Transfer of Certain Lands Along Clayton-Clear Lake Trail to Lake Magnor Properties

Adopted 05-21-2013
Resolution 22-13
To Authorize Public Improvements Project and Appropriation for Roof Replacement at the Golden Age Manor Nursing Home Facility

Adopted 06-18-2013
Resolution 23-13
Chippewa County Housing Authority Commission

Adopted 06-18-2013
Resolution 24-13
Phase Out of the Polk County Home Program

Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 25-13
To Approve County Administrator Employment Agreement
Adopted 07-16-2013
Resolution 26-13
To Grant a Zoning District Change and to Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of Beaver

Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 27-13
To Adopt the Polk County Plan for Library Service 2013-2018
Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 28-13
To Authorize Participation in Wisconsin DNR Lotus Lake Planning Grant Program Phases
Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 30-13
To Authorize Wisconsin Smart Fleet Program Agreement
Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 31-13
To Grant Easement to Polk Burnett Cooperative for Electric Service to Lotus County Park Facilities on East Lake
Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 32-13
Regarding Interpretation and Application of Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Adopted 09-17-2013
Resolution 33-13
To Adopt Draft Master Fee Schedule for 2014 Budget Proposal
Adopted 08-20-2013
Resolution 34-13
To Approve Zoning Map Amendment for the Town of Garfield
Adopted 09-17-2013
Resolution 35-13
In Support of Clean Energy Choice for Wisconsin

Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 36-13
To Approve Zoning Ordinance Amendment for the Town of St Croix Falls
Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 37-13
To Grant Gas Distribution and Regulator Easement to Wisconsin Gas LLC (WE Energies) to Serve the Polk Co Fairground 4H Building

Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 38-13
To Fix Compensation of County Board Supervisors and Citizen Committee Members Commencing April 2014 Term
Adopted 11-12-2013
Resolution 39-13
To Release 2013 Budgeted Compensation Adjustment and Adjust Health Insurance Funding
Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 40-13
To Hold a Public Hearing on the 2014 Budget Proposal of Polk County
Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 41-13
To Authorize Settlement on Legal Action - CES Irrevocable Trust v. Polk County - Case 13CV425
Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 42-13
Cancellation of Outstanding Orders
Adopted 10-15-2013
Resolution 43-13
To Set Library Service Rates
Defeated/Failed 11-12-2013
Resolution 44-13
To Adopt the Polk County Operating and Capital Budget for the Calendar Year 2014 and to Set the 2014 Tax Levy
Adopted 11-12-2013
Resolution 45-13
To Grant a Zoning District Change and to Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of Beaver
Adopted 12-17-2013
Resolution 47-13
To Appropriate Funds for Court Video Teleconferencing Equipment
Adopted 12-17-2013
Resolution 51-13
To Ratify Labor Agreement with Wisc Professional Police Assoc Field Services Assoc Local 201 beginning January 1, 2014
Adopted 12-17-2013