Polk County Resolutions as Presented to the Polk County Board of Supervisors in the year 2016.

Resolution 01-16
To Grant a Zoning District Change - Amend Zoning District Map to Town of Alden
Enacted 01-19-2016
Resolution 02-16
Public Hearing on Gandy Dancer Trail Polk County Segment
Enacted 01-19-2016
Resolution 03-16
To Pay Per Diems of Persons Appointed to Lake Districts
Enacted 01-19-2016
Resolution 04-16
Petition to Establish the Horseshoe Lake District
Enacted 01-19-2016
Resolution 05-16
Polk County Temporary Speed Limit Ordinance
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 06-16
To Designate the Week of April 11-15, 2016 as Work Zone Awareness Week in Polk County
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 07-16
Polk County Land Information Plan
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 08-16
To Authorize Agreement Concerning the Payment of Special Assessments and Special Charges (Amend Res 64-98)
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 09-16
Amendments to the Polk County Shoreland Proctection Zoning Ordinance
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 10-16
Amendments to the Telecommunication Towers Antennas and Related Facilities Ordinance
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 11-16
To Set Compensation for Elected Officials for Term 2017-2020 - County Clerk, ROD, Treasurer
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 12-16
To Rescind Resolution Declaring English as the Official Language of Polk County
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 13-16
Adopting Comprehensive Revision to Polk County Personnel Policies - Chapter 8 Personnel Policies
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 14-16
Adopting Comprehensive Revision to Polk County Financial Policies - Chapter 5 Financial Policies
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 15-16
Authorizing Submission of Proposed Amended Gandy Dancer Trail to DNR
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 16-16
Assigning to Committee Reporting of Affiliated Organizations
Enacted 03-15-2016
Resolution 18-16
Concerning the Polk County Housing Authority

Enacted 04-19-2016
Resolution 19-16
To Grant a Zoning District Change & to Amend Zoning District Map for Town of Clayton

Adopted 04-19-2016
Resolution 21-16
To Approve Zoning District Map Amendment for Town of St Croix Falls

Adopted 05-17-2016
Resolution 22-16
Honoring the Life and Public Service of Carl E. Holmgren

Adopted 05-17-2016
Resolution 23-16
To Authorize Initiation of the SOAR Program CDBG Westcap

Adopted 05-17-2016
Resolution 25-16
Authorizing Application for County Waiver from State Mandated Process Concerning Absentee Ballots

Adopted 06-21-2016
Resolution 26-16
To Amend 2016 Budget to Incorporate Fund Carry-forwards

Adopted 06-21-2016
Resolution 27-16
To Approve Zoning District Map Amendment for the Town of St Croix Falls

Adopted 07-19-2016
Resolution 28-16
To Approve Amendment to Polk County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Adopted 07-19-2016
Resolution 29-16
To Authorize Withdrawal from the Local Government Property Insurance Fund

Adopted 07-19-2016
Resolution 30-16
To Authorize the Executive Committee to Perform the Highway Facility Steering Function

Adopted 07-19-2016
Resolution 31-16
To Authorize Settlement of Lakeland Communication Litigation

DEFEATED 08-16-2016
Resolution 34-16
To Adopt Draft Master Fee Schedule for 2017 Budget Proposal

Adopted 08-16-2016
Resolution 35-16
To Authorize Agreement with Unity School for Preventative Social Services

Adopted 09-20-2016
Resolution 37-16
To Approve Purchase of Lands for County Highway Facility

Adopted 09-20-2016
Resolution 38-16
In Support of Legislation
to Provide for Sustainable Funding of Wisconsin's Transportation "Just Fix-it"
Adopted 10-18-2016
Resolution 39-16
To Hold a Public Hearing on the 2017 Budget Proposal of Polk County

Adopted 10-18-2016
Resolution 40-16
Concerning the Purchase of Lands for Co Highway Facility and the Allocation of Funds to Highway Facility Capital Project

WITHDRAWN 11-15-2016
Resolution 41-16
To Adopt Polk County Budget for 2017 and Set 2017 Tax Levy

Adopted 11-15-2016
Resolution 42-16
Concerning the Highway Facility on Village of Balsam Lake Industrial Park Property

Adopted 11-15-2016
Resolution 43-16
To Rescind Authorization Concerning Paulsen Property

Adopted 11-15-2016
Resolution 44-16
To Authorize 2017 Capital Purchase Contracts and Multi-Year Service Agreements for E911 Upgrade

Adopted 12-20-2016