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Marriage License Information

Items Needed at Time of Application:
Proof of residency (e.g. drivers license, ID card)
Certified copy of birth certificate
Copy of divorce decree, annulment (judge’s signature and 6-month waiting period) or death certificate from last marriage
Fee: $80.00
Provide Social Security Numbers

Marriageable Age:
The legal age for contracting marriage is 16 for both male and female. However, between the ages of 16 and 18, the consent of the parents or legal guardian having care, custody and control of the minor is required. No consent is needed at age 18 and over.

Who Shall Not Marry:
No marriage shall be contracted by a person who has a husband or wife living. Relationship may not usually be nearer than second cousins. However, first cousins may marry under certain circumstances. Both parties must have sufficient mental capacity to understand the marriage contract.

No person shall marry who is a party to a divorce action in this state or elsewhere until 6 months after the granting of the divorce judgment.

If a person who resides in Wisconsin and intends to continue to reside in Wisconsin is prohibited from marrying in this state, then a marriage contracted in another state will be void in Wisconsin.

Where You Get Your License :
Licenses must be secured from the County Clerk of the county in which one of the parties resides. The marriage may then take place anywhere in the state. If both parties are non-residents of this state, the license must be secured in the county in which the marriage is to take place. Both parties must appear before the County Clerk to make application for the license.

Physical Examinations and Blood Tests :
No longer required.

Licenses and Fees:
The license is issued 6 days after the application is complete. The license is good for 30 days from the date of issuing. The issuing of the license does not remove any legal impediment to the marriage. The fee for the license is $80.00 payable at the time of application.

Please feel free to call us at 715-485-9226 if you have any further questions.



Polk County Clerk: Carole T. Wondra (
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Phone 715-485-9226 ~ Fax 715-485-9104

The Polk County Clerk’s office is located at the Government Center
100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 110, Balsam Lake, WI 54810

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