County Surveyor

Duties Include:



Maintenance and Preservation
Maintenance and preservation of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) network of corner markers - set at half mile intervals - is the key component in nearly every property description in Wisconsin.  This network serves as the very foundation of all parcel mapping projects.  County Surveyors also provide protection for other geodetic survey marks.

Maintain Survey Records
These unique records have been filed with the County Surveyor's Office since Wisconsin became a state.  Today survey maps continue to be submitted to the County Surveyor for filing.

Survey Map Review
In most counties, the County Surveyor reviews Subdivision Plats and Certified Survey Maps.  These maps are checked for compliance with Wisconsin State Statutes and Administrative Code as well as local codes and ordinances.

Provide Services to County Departments
This work includes providing survey services in the field (verification of existing monuments, field measurements, installation of new monuments and marking lines) as well as in the office (computations, analysis, writing legal descriptions for real property and drafting of maps).

Assist with Questions
Assist general public, private sector businesses and government agencies with land surveying and land ownership questions.  The County Surveyor is uniquely qualified to provide professional assistance when it comes to these varying and often complex and difficult questions.
Wisconsin County Surveyors Association

Duties in Behalf of Polk County
The County Surveyor performs the duties assigned and executes surveys required by Polk County government and does not work as a private land surveyor.