Highway Permits & Policies


 Access Control Policy

Effective May 1, 2008, the Access Control Policy regulates and controls all accessess to county highways in order to promote public safety and protect the public investment in county highways.  Construction of new accesses and modifications to existing accesses require prior approval by the Polk County Highway Department. 

Access permit fees are payable at time of application, are based on the type of access being constructed and are non-refundable.  Refer to the policy for a current schedule of fees.

To make application, contact the Highway Department at 715-485-8700 and an application form and a copy of the policy will be mailed to you. 

 Utility Accommodation Policy

Polk County Highway Department has adopted the WCHA Utility Accommodations Policy, which took effect September 1, 2013.  The purpose of the policy is to prescribe the policies and procedures that shall be met by any utility whose facility currently occupies, or will occupy in the future, any highway right-of-way or bridge over which the Department has jurisdiction.

For policy interpretation, contact Moe Norby at 715-485-8723.  For permit applications and application processing, please contact Sue Reed at 715-485-8700.

 Signs in Right-Of-Way

State laws regulate the placement of signs along the state highway system right-of-way. Signs obstructing a motorist's clear vision at intersections can be especially dangerous.  Wisconsin law prohibits placement of political signs and posters on the right-of-way of any rural or urban portion of the state highway system. As a general rule, highway right-of-way in rural areas extends to beyond both shoulders and ditches. Illegally erected signs that pose a traffic safety hazard will be dealt with promptly, with highway crews removing the signs and transporting them to the Highway Department for disposal. If time permits, the party involved will be asked to remove the sign.  

Signs in the Right-of-Way explains state regulations affecting placement of signs on public roadways. 

When in doubt, call the Highway office at 715-485-8700 before erecting any type of sign along state and county highways.