Knowing where the money comes from -- and where it goes

It is important that citizens know exactly how their money is raised and is spent, and the internet provides an unprecedented method of giving everyone access to relevant information.  Although Polk County has provided financial statements and budgets online for years, this page is created to be a one-stop shop for all financial information and a focal point for improved fiscal transparency.  It will be updated regularly and expanded as possible, so please check back.

This site’s organization follows the Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency developed by international agencies and used to evaluate governments throughout the world.  The Code sets out four basic standards:

1. Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities,

2. Public Availability of Information,

3. Open Budget Preparation, Execution, and Reporting, and

4. Independent Assurances of Integrity.

This web page follows this standard, (with public availability of information of course included in all).  All documents are in Adobe Acrobat available here; other formats on request.

Budget Information

Financial Statements