Polk County Resolutions as Presented to the Polk County Board of Supervisors in the year 2012.

Resolution 02-12
To Apply for Water Patrol Grant
Adopted 01-17-2012
Resolution 03-12
To Approve and to Pay Dog Claims Submitted in 2011
Adopted 01-17-2012
Resolution 04-12
To Repeal Polk Co Policy No. 912, Purchasing Policy and Policy 913, Investment Policy and Create Policy 912 and 913
Adopted 01-17-2012
Resolution 05-12
To Ratify Labor Agreements and to Fix Compensation of Non-Represented Employees
Adopted 01-17-2012
Resolution 06-12
To Approve an All-Hazards Mitigation Plan for Polk County
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 07-12
To Amend 2012 Health Department Budget to Purchase Vehicles
DEFEATED 03-20-2012
Resolution 08-12
To Support Gopher Bounty Legislation
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 09-12
To Amend Polk Co Policy 0010, Duties and Responsibilities of Governing Committees
Adopted 03-22-2012
Resolution 10-12
To Dissolve Organizational Committee
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 11-12
To Develop Memorandum of Understanding with Affiliated Organizations that Receive Budgetary Allocations or Other Support from Polk County
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 12-12
To Set Compensation for Elected Officials for Term 2013-2016
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 13-12
To Amend the Cell Phone, Holiday and Leave Without Pay Provisions of the Interim Administrative Policy and Interim Personnel Policy and to Repeal the Cell Phone Policy
Adopted 03-20-2012
Resolution 14-12
To Adopt the Polk County Board of Supervisors Rules of Order for the Term Commencing April 17, 2012
Adopted 04-17-2012
Resolution 15-12
For Outdoor Recreation Aids
Adopted 04-17-2012
Resolution 16-12
Authorize 2012 Highway Construction Projects
Adopted 04-17-2012
Resolution 17-12
To Consent to and to Authorize Issuance of Acknowledgement of Public Responsibility with St Croix Chippewa Indians of WI and the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Adopted 04-17-2012
Resolution 18-12
To Authorize Polk County to Pursue WDNR TRM Funding
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 19-12
To Dissolve Transition Committee
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 20-12
To Increase the 2012 Budget for Personnel Appropriations for the Lime Quarry
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 21-12
Funding for Jail Literacy and Phase-Out of the Polk County Library Federation
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 22-12
To Act on Offer of Endeavors Adult Development Center to Modify Terms of Adult Development Center Lease Agreement for 2012
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 23-12
To Amend 2012 Budget - Authorization of Designation, Carryover, Transfer and Reappropriation of Specified Funds from 2011 to 2012
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 24-12
To Allow Higher Initial Leave Accruals for Recruitment of Midcareer Professionals
Adopted 05-15-2012
Ordinance 25-12
Amend Telecommunication Towers, Antennas and Related Facilities Ordinance
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 26-12
To Amend the Purchasing Policy (Policy 912) for Auction and Motor Fuel Purchases
Adopted 05-15-2012
Resolution 27-12
To Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of St Croix Falls
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 28-12
To Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Cooperative Extension, A Division of the University of Wisconsin Extension
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 29-12
To Create West Central Reg Housing Consortium for Administration of Community Development Block Housing Grant Program and to Authorize Contracts for Program Administration
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 30-12
To Authorize West Central WI Regional Planning Commission to Administer the State of WI Community Development Block Grant Housing Revolving Loan Fund for Polk County
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 31-12
Funding for Jail Literacy and the Polk County Library Federation
DEFEATED 06-19-2012
Resolution 32-12
To Approve Expansion of the Big Blake Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District
Adopted 08-21-2012
Resolution 33-12
To Adopt Draft Master Fee Schedule for Inclusion in the 2013 Budget Proposal
Adopted 08-21-2012
Resolution 34-12
To Grant A Zoning District Change and to Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of Milltown
Adopted 09-18-2012
Resolution 35-12
To Provide for the Sale of Approximately $1,890,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes
Adopted 09-18-2012
Resolution 36-12
To File Request for Waiver From State Mandate - Mandate to Provide Certain Audit Reports Concerning Human Services Purchase of Care and Service Contracts Under Sections 46.036 and 49.34
Adopted 06-19-2012
Resolution 37-12
To Adopt a Debt Management Policy
Adopted 09-18-2012
Resolution 39-12
To Amend Zoning District Map for the Town of Farmington
Adopted 10-16-2012
Resolution 40-12
To Hold a Public Hearing on the 2013 Budget Proposal of Polk County
Adopted 10-16-2012
Resolution 41-12
Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of $1,865,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes to Refinance Debt
Adopted 10-16-2012
Resolution 42-12
To Adopt the Polk County Operating and Capital Budget for the Calendar Year 2013 and to Set the 2013 Tax Levy
Adopted 11-13-2012