County Board of Supervisors

MEMBERS:  Full county board of supervisors representing the fifteen disctricts of Polk County

Dean Johansen, District 3, Chairperson
Jay Luke, District 11, 1st Vice-Chairperson
Larry Jepsen, District 10, 2nd Vice-Chairperson 
Brad Olson, District 1
Doug Route, District 2
Chris Nelson, District 4
Tracy LaBlanc, District 5
Brian Masters, District 6
Michael Prichard, District 7
James Edgell, District 8
Kim O'Connell, District 9
Kate Isakson, District 12
Russell Arcand, District 13
John Bonneprise, District 14
Joe Demulling, District 15

Schedule:  Third Tuesday of every month - Begins at 6:00pm - Located in County Board conference room