Welcome to Polk County's Online Auction Site!

On this page you will find some of the County's miscellaneous surplus computer-related items.  Please be sure to read all information on each item listed to insure that you are fully aware of all pickup and payment requirements.

Terms of Polk County's Equipment Auction
  • A photo of the current auction item(s), and its specifications shall posted on this web site.
  • A list of winning bids shall be posted on this web site.  Click here for a list of past winners.
  • There is not a fee to register or to place a bid.
  • Online bids must be submitted by the online auction form.
  • The actual equipment shall be on display at the Polk County Government Center at 100 Polk County Plaza, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. (on the first floor by elevator)
  • The award of an item will go to the highest bidder.
  • In the case of a tie bid, preference will be given to the bidder whose bid was received by the Polk County IT Department on the earliest date and/or time.
  • Bids received after the specified date and time, as indicated, will be rejected.
  • All items being offered for sale are being SOLD AS IS, where is with no warranty or guarantee.
  • Polk County shall not technically support any item on the Equipment Auction  
  • Any bidder who is awarded an item and fails to pickup and pay for that item may be prohibited from participating in any future County online sale activities.
  • All items have to be paid for and picked up on the dates indicated on the information sheet. If items cannot be paid for and picked up on designated date, please do not bid on the item.
  • The County reserves the right to make changes to items posted for sale, if deemed necessary, up to 24 hours prior to the posted bid closing time. It is the responsibility of bidders to monitor the current bid price and amend their bids accordingly, if they so desire, before the posted closing time.
  • The County reserves the right to reject all bids and cancel the offer to sell posted items at any time, if deemed necessary.
  • The "current bid" will be updated to reflect the highest bid as of that date and time.
  • 5.5% Tax will be added to the winning bid price per state law.
Conditions of Polk County's Auction
  • Equipment item(s), placed for auction, shall be displayed on a table at the Polk County Government Center from Monday through Thursday of each week
  • Equipment item(s), placed for auction, shall have an affixed specification sheet that contains the bid dates, equipment item auction number, equipment item(s) specifications, and Auction Terms and Specifications
  • Bid Submission Forms shall be placed alongside equipment item(s) on auction table.
  • Bidders are required to fill out the Bid Submission Form if they come into the Polk County Government Center and plan to bid. Bidders are required to fill out the online submission process if they plan to bid online. NOTE: Polk County shall be held free of any liability if online bids are lost through a server malfunction or any unforeseen disruption in Online service.
  • Bidders shall fill in the following information on the hard copy, fax, and online forms: Name, address, telephone number, date and time of your bid.
  • Use whole dollar amounts when bidding on auction items {example, use $5 and not $5.15}. Any bid with a fraction of a dollar will NOT be accepted.
  • Bidding on equipment item(s), placed for auction, shall continue between 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Wednesday, and from 8:30AM to NOON on Thursday, of each week.
  • No bids shall be accepted after NOON on Thursdays.
  • Bids will be awarded by 4:00PM on Thursdays, and winners will be notified by 4:30PM that same day.
  • Bid winners shall be responsible for picking up their auction equipment between 9AM and 4PM the day the auction ends, through Wednesday of the week following the close of the bids. If the auction consists of more than one item, all items must be picked up by the bid winner.
  • Any bidder who is awarded an item and fails to pickup and pay for that item by the following Wednesday, may be prohibited from participating in any future County auction activities.
  • Bid winners shall pay for their equipment item(s) at the Polk County Treasurer's Office, located in the Polk County Government Center, in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.
  • Contact the Polk County Treasurer’s Office for the forms of payment accepted.
  • Your sales receipt shall be you ticket to actually receiving the equipment.
  • All auctioned equipment shall be handed to the winning bidder, upon proof of payment (have your sales receipt with you)
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