25x25 Plan for Energy Independence
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Adopted 12-29-2010

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Healthy Polk County 2020
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Version 2017-2020

Healthy Polk County 2020 - Community Health Improvement Plan
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Version 2014-2016

Nonmetallic Mining Reclamation Plan
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Polk County Agriculture & Farmland Preservation Plan
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Adopted 11-12-2014

Polk County Community Health Improvement Plan
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Healthiest Polk County 2015

Comprehensive Plans
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Cities, Villages, and Towns

Polk County Comprehensive Plan 2009-2029
Adopted 10-20-2009
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      Element 1: Issues and Opportunities
      Element 2: Housing
      Element 3: Transportation
      Element 4: Utilities and Community Facilities
      Element 5: Agriculture, Natural and Cultural Resources
      Element 6: Economic Development
      Element 7: Intergovernmental Cooperation
      Element 8: Land Use
      Element 9: Energy & Sustainability

      Element 10: Implementation

Polk County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan
      Table of Contents
      Chapter 100: Background
      Chapter 200: General Administration
      Chapter 300: Management Planning
      Chapter 400: Forest Ownership
      Chapter 500: Land Management and Use
      Chapter 600: Protection
      Chapter 700: Roads, Trails and Access
      Chapter 800: Integrated Resource Management
      Chapter 900: Appendix
      Chapter 1000: Needs
      Chapter 2000: Annual Planning
      Chapter 3000: Accomplishments & Monitoring


Polk County Health Department Strategic Plan 2013-2016
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Version 121112
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Polk County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan 2011-2016
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Adopted 03-20-2012

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Polk County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2014-2019
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Adopted 07-15-2014

Polk County Strategic Plan
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Rain Garden Operation & Maintenance Plan
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Shoreline Habitat Restoration - Operation & Maintenance Plan
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Water Management Plans
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