Subdivision Review Process


Main Provisions
A survey is required for creating a new lot, unless a nominal 40 acre section piece is being split equally in half.

Creation of 1-4 parcels within a five-year period is a minor subdivision, needing review and approval from the Land Information Office.

Creation of 5 or more parcels within a 5-year period is a major subdivision, needing review and approval by the Environmental Services Committee.

As a general rule, the Minimum lot size is 1 acre (43,560 sq ft), unless larger lots are required by other County ordinances or Town requirements.

Up to two lots may be served by one driveway; otherwise more than two lots must be served by a road built to minimum Town Road specifications, whether public or private.

Standard Process for Minor Subdivision
Contact a private land surveyor to create a preliminary map of your proposed subdivision.

Once the preliminary map is complete, contact your local town board to get on their planning commission or town board agenda. The town will review your subdivision and complete a town checklist for your subdivision. The town checklist indicates the town’s requirements on certain design standards to the county.

If necessary, your surveyor will make any required changes to the preliminary map, and submit the final certified survey map to the Polk County Department of Land Information for review. The Department of Land Information reviews the subdivision for compliance with the zoning and surveying requirements in Polk County’s land use ordinances. The county review process includes a $400 review fee.

If the final certified survey map meets the zoning and surveying requirements, the department will approve and record the survey in the Polk County Register of Deeds office. ($33 recording fee)

Land Information Fee Schedule
Town Board Checklist
Subdivision Ordinance
Polk County Land Use Regulations - Chapter 18 Subdivisions