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The Surveyor is responsible for carrying out the requirements of the Surveyor's office as specified in Chapter 59 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  The Division of Surveyor is also responsible for parcel mapping development and maintenance. Additionally, the Division of Surveyor is responsible for the Property listing duties as defined by Section 70.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

County Surveyor  

The County Surveyor performs the duties assigned and executes surveys required by the county and DOES NOT work as a private land surveyor.

To contact a Private Land Surveyor: Consult your phone book yellow pages under Surveyor for a list of private land surveyors.  Or, Polk County has compiled a list of private land surveyors for public reference.
Surveyor List
The surveyor list is for reference purposes only, and is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any firm or individual.
Any private surveyor who would like to be added to the Surveyor List may contact the Division of Surveyor.

Polk County Survey Statistics

Polk County Wisconsin encompasses an area of 956 square miles with over 3,100 PLSS corners. Since the modern remonumentation program started in Polk County in the 1970s, over 94% (2,914) of these corners have been restored and have a restoration sheet on file in the Department of Land Information Office.

Since 1997, when the County acquired survey grade GPS equipment, over 2715 (88%) of the corners have been mapped using GPS techniques. The corner mapping program has enabled the County to produce accurate parcel maps in approximately 85% of the County to date.

Introduction to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS)

Property Lister/Analyst

The duties of the Property Lister/Analyst is to maintain ownership and assessment information for all of Polk County’s 36 municipalities and to furnish Assessors with their forms, work rolls and completed assessment rolls.  It is also the Property Lister/Analyst responsibility to carry out statutory duties to create and maintain an up to date property listing file which accurately displays the ownership, mailing address and taxing status of every tax parcel within the county.

Click here for Property Lister/Analyst Resources


Click on the link to find mailing label reports.  If you do not find the report of interest, you can request mailing label reports at: 715.485.9284 or you may use the Polk County Interactive GIS Map (WGX) website to download your own custom mailing label report.


Click on this link to search for recorded and non-recorded surveys and survey-related information indexed by Section, Town, and Range filed at the Polk County Department of Register of Deeds or Land Information.


Click on this link to search for Polk County PLSS Tie Sheets on the Interactive GIS website.  Click here to find information on how to navigate Interactive GIS website to find Tie Sheets.

Parcel Mapping

Click on this link for more information on Parcel Mapping and the status here in Polk County.

Control Finder

Control Finder is an online application, from the WI State Cartographer's Office, designed as a central point of access for locating Wisconsin control data.

Floodplain Map Information and Regional Flood Elevations

Click on this link for information on floodplain maps and known Regional Floodplain Elevations in Polk County.

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Contact Information

Steve Geiger
County Surveyor
715.485.9246 Fax
Deb Johnson
Property Lister/Analyst
715.485.9246 Fax
Michael Markee
Survey/Mapping Technician
715.485.9246 Fax

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