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"There are two great times to plant trees:
the first was 20 years ago - the other is right now."

oak treesPolk County's Tree and Shrub Program has been offered for over 26 years selling nearly 750,000 trees. The purpose of the program is to fund the various youth educational programs sponsored by the Land and Water Resources Department (LWRD). Through the sale of trees, LWRD is able to host a 'poster contest' every spring for area students, in addition to a 'speaking contest' and 'soil judging contest' that is offered yearly to all Polk County students. The program offers a variety of pines, hardwoods and shrubs for interested area residents to plant.

Trees and shrubs are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and picked up by the customer. Interested individuals are placed on a list to receive our tree order form in the fall of the year. Tree pickup is typically late April, the following spring. The number and species of trees and shrubs is dependent upon availability, weather conditions, past sales success, tree performance and general demand trends.

Each year, the office gives landowners the opportunity to purchase these items at a minimal cost. Trees are distributed in the "shed" behind the Government Center in Balsam Lake. Reminder postcards are mailed out two weeks prior to pickup.

If you are interested in participating in the tree sale, would like to have your name included on our mailing list, or have any questions please contact the Land & Water Resources Department at 715-485-8699 or email pattijoa@co.polk.wi.us.

Important Tree Program Information

  • Tree size and availability are subject to change.
  • All trees/shrubs are natives only.
  • Payment is due at time of order - all tax is included in price.
  • Tree order forms will available end of December. Due to fiscal year, we cannot receive any checks prior to January.
  • We cannot accept credit cards for payment - only checks/cash.
  • NSF checks will be returned with order form and no trees will be available.
  • All people ordering trees will receive a notice via mail or email that will provide exact pick up details for your order.
  • Items not picked up on designated date/time will not be available for pickup or refund unless previous arrangements have been made with our office.
  • Please fill out order form completely. Phone number and email that you check often is very important should there be questions about your order.
  • Send your order form with complete payment to: Patti Andersen, LWRD, 100 Polk County Plaza, Suite 120, Balsam Lake, WI 54810.

2014 Tree Order Revised - March 10, 2014

2014 Tree Descriptions

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Map of Tree Pickup Location

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