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FEBRUARY 14, 2006



01/28/06, 7:40 PM, Alden Township, CTH K at 170th Street, #1—DANA L. GUSTAFSON, 32, Osceola; #2—RONALD L. CAROON, 58, Osceola.  Unit 2 was westbound on 60th Avenue, attempting to turn onto 170th Street.  Unit 1 was westbound on 60th Ave following unit 2.  When unit 2 slowed at the intersection, unit 1 attempted to pass on the right.  Unit 2 was struck in the right passenger door by unit 1.  Driver unit 1 exited and examined damage then told driver of unit 2 he needed to leave before cops arrived.  Driver of unit 1 left the scene without providing identification to driver of unit 2. 


02/03/06, 11 AM, Clam Falls Twp., CTH E at 90th St, #1—ROBERT D. WARWAS, 46, Frederic; #2—CHARLES V. WHITNEY, 45, Luck; Unit 1 was eastbound on CTH E. Unit 2 was northbound on 90th Street.  As Unit 1 approached 90th St, driver observed unit 2 failing to stop at the stop sign and entering the road in front of him.  Unit 1 attempted to avoid unit 2 but struck unit 2 in the left front. The collision caused unit 1 to lose ontrol and entered the south ditch, striking several trees.  Driver of unit 2 said he attempted to stop but slid through the stop sign due to slush/ice.  (No injuries/wearing safety equipment.)


02/06/06, 9:55 PM, Eureka Township, 220th Street, .5 mi N. of CTH I, CHRISTOPHER J. McINTYRE, 46, Centuria, was northbound on 220th Street when a deer crossed the road.  Unit 1 attempted to try to miss the deer and went into the ditch on the east side of 220th Street.  Unit 1 then rolled over and landed on its wheels. 


02/06/06, 4:25 PM, Osceola Twp, CTH M at CTH Y, #1—HAROLD A. SKIBA, 74, Osceola; #2—REBECCA J. BALOG, 24, Clear Lake,   Unit 1 was southbound on CTH Y an stopped for the stop sign at CTH M.  Unit 2 was westbound on CTH M.  Unit 1 failed to yield and began a left turn to go eastbound on CTH M.  The front of unit 1 struck passenger door of unit 2.


02/07/06, 3:07 PM, Lincoln Township, 110th St, .5 mi. N. of 90th Avenue, LORI F. SWIONTEK, 38, Amery,  states she fell asleep while driving northbound on 110th Street, struck a mailbox owned by SHANE ZONLEY, Amery.  Vehicle came to rest in the east ditch.  Driver sustained a minor injury (wearing seatbelt) and was attended by EMS.


02/10/06, 8:45 PM, Milltown Twp., J.J.’s Club, 2378A STH 35, Unit 1 Hit & Run Vehicle (Unknown Description); #2—LEGALLY PARKED vehicle owned by LUANNE J. PAULSON, Luck; unit 2 was legally parked in the parking lot at J.J.’s Club 35.  When the owner left the restaurant, she noticed her vehicle had been struck.


02/10/06, 9:16 PM, Luck Twp., STH 35, .125 mi. N. of 240th Avenue, DUSTIN L. TAYLOR, 16, Frederic, was northbound on STH 35 and lost control of the vehicle when it crossed a patch of ice.  Unit 1 struck a deer crossing sign, damaging the driver door and quarter panel.


02/11/06, 3:10 PM, Clear Lake Twp, CTH F/30th Avenue, 5’ E. of 60th Street, #1—AARON T. HEDGES, 23, New Richmond;  #2—KIMBERLY A. KUHN, 42, Clear Lake.  Unit 1 was stopped, facing south on 60th Street at CTH F.  Unit 2 was traveling west on CTH F, approaching 60th Street.  Unit 1 pulled out to turn easte on CTH F and pulled out into the path of unit 2.  Driver of unit 2 braked hard and pulled to the left but was unable to avoid unit 1.  Unit 2 struck unit 1 with its left front to unit 2’s left rear.  Both vehicles sustained minor damage.  Driver of unit 1 was cited for failure to yield right of way from a stop sign.  Driver of unit 2 was cited for operating while suspended.




1/26/06, MICHAEL J. MURRAY, New Richmond, reported that someone had stole a half cord of wood from his yard.


2/02/06, ALLEN KRALEWSKI, Frederic, reported that someone had entered his house and had stolen cash.


2/2/06, mailbox vandalism had occurred at the JOANN T. SOLLMAN residence and the RON WICKBOLDT residence, Clear Lake Township.


02/4/06, KENNETH W. LARSON, Turtle Lake, reported the theft of a DVD player and DVD’s from his residence.


2/4/06, a truck owned by JEROME J. VADNAIS, RR Luck, was stolen from his property and driven to the Trade Lake boat landing, where it then collided with an ice fishing shack that was setting at the landing. 


2/05/06, SARA BYL, RR Luck, reported her garage had been burglarized, located in Laketown Twp, and a Pioneer brand car stereo was stolen.


2/7/06, daytime burglary occurred to the DUDLEY M. CRAN residence, located in rural Milltown.  Taken was cash and a fish bowl that contained change.


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