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10/02/06, 7:20 PM, Lincoln Township, 80th Avenue, .5 mi. W. of 60th Street, CODY J. PLOSAY, 17, Amery,  was traveling eastbound driving a tractor pulling a chopper and chopper box when he pulled toward the side of the road to allow a car to pass.  Plosay indicated that as he did, the tires of the chopper box caught the shoulder, causing the chopper box to enter the ditch, tipping onto its side.  The tractor and chopper were removed from the scene.


10/06/06, 4:55 PM, Osceola Twp., STH 35, .3 mi. N. of 113th Avenue, #1—CAROLYN G. STINEMAN, 48, St. Croix Falls; #2—DEBORAH L. KOBS, 44, Star Prairie;  Unit 1 was traveling north on STH 35.  Units 2 and 3 were in front of unit 1.  When units 2 and 3 began to slow/stop for road maintenance.  Unit 1 was unable to stop in time.  Unit 1 rear-ended unit 2.  Unit 2 was then pushed into unit  3 (TABITHA A. WEGNER, 22, Osceola).  All units sustained minor damage and were driven from the scene.


10/08/06, 10:30 AM, Alden Twp., STH 65 at CTH K/60th Avenue, #1—WILLIAM T. HOUSTON, 49, Stillwater, MN; #2—ROBERT J. BARTSCHENFELD, 43, Amery;  Unit 1 was traveling eastbound on CTH K.  Unit 2 was traveling southbound on Hwy 65 and had the right of way.  Driver and front passenger are unsure if unit 1 stopped at the stop sign but state unit 1 then pulled out in front of them onto Hwy 65.  Driver of unit 2 states he could not swerve in time to miss hitting unit 1.  Driver of unit 1 was flown to Regions hospital in St. Paul and stated later he does not remember what happened after stopping for the stop sign.  Both drivers were injured and attended by EMS; along with passengers in unit 2—DARLA K. BARTSCHENFELD, 43, Amery; and CHAD M. BARTSCHENFELD, 13, Amery. ( Driver of unit 1 was not wearing safety equipment.  All parties in unit 2 were wearing  safety equipment.)


10/12/06, 1 AM, Milltown Twp, STH 35, .1 mi. S. of 210th Av, KEVIN D. ELFERS, 45, St. Croix Falls, was northbound on STH 35 when the driver lost control on the ice-covered roads.  Unit 1 drove off the east edge of the roadway and struck a “No Passing Zone” sign.


10/08/06, 12:25 AM, Clam Falls Twp., CTH W, 200’ E. of 110th Street, JOSHUA J. PIERRE, 19, Luck, was eastbound on CTH W, 200’ past 110th Street, lost control and drove into the north ditch, causing damage to the front bumper and driver’s side/front quarter.  Driver cited for failure to notify police of accident.


10/11/06, 10:53 PM, Osceola Twp., STH 35, 300’ N. of 240th Avenue, #1—JENNIE L. CARTER, 43, Dresser; #2—CRAIG J. ROCHEL, 21, Shafer, MN;  Unit 1 was observed leaving the Augie’s Bar parking lot.  Unit 1 made a right hand turn and traveled northbound on highway 35. Unit 1 was reported to have been in the southbound lane by driver of unit 2.  Unit 2 traveling southbound, attempts to avoid unit 1, striking unit 1 on driver’s front corner.  Unit 2 enters the western ditch.  Unit 1 comes to rest on the center line on highway 35.  Driver of unit 1 was medically transported (both drivers wearing safety equipment).  Driver of unit 1 cited for OMVWI.


10/12/06, 5:00 AM,  Alden Twp., STH 65, 200’ W of CTH C, JOHN A. GABBERT, 47, Centuria.  Deputy was dispatched to a van that had hit a power pole.  The crash was called in at 5:17 a.m.  I arrived at 5:47 a.m. and the operator was not at the scene.  The power pole was broken off and the power lines were hanging low over STH 65.  Xcel Energy was contacted and Amery Fire stayed on the scene due to low wires.  Operator of unit 1 called at 10:06 a.m. and said he had swerved to miss a deer.  He then called a friend to come and pick him up.  Driver cited for failure to report an accident to police.


10/14/06, 8:40 PM, Balsam Lake Twp., CTH I, .2 mi. E. of 130th Street, JACOB D. FROKJER, 25, Balsam Lake, hit a deer on the roadway.


10/14/06, 5:43 PM, Balsam Lake Twp., USH 8, .5 mi. E. of 170th Street, #1—AMY M. LULLO, 20, Cumberland; #2—MITCHELL J. EVERETT, 28, Centuria;  Unit 2 was traveling eastbound on Hwy 8.  Unit 1 was traveling eastbound on Highway 8. Unit 2 passed unit 1.  Unit 1 then went into the right lane to pass unit 2. Unit 2 changed into the right land, causing unit 1 to enter gravel shoulder. Unit 1 went left of center, colliding with north ditch and overturning.


10/15/06, 7:29 PM, St. Croix Falls Twp., Polk County Deputy ANDREW J. VITALIS, 28,  was traveling in a marked patrol car in emergency mode, eastbound, in a two-lane section of USH 8.  A deer ran onto USH 8 from the south to the north, directly in front of unit 1.  Unit 1 struck the deer with the left front fender.


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