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OCTOBER 25, 2005





It was reported that SHELLEY A. PRICE, 44, St. Croix Falls, was involved in a traffic accident in Balsam Lake Township on 10/10/05, at which time she was cited for operating while revoked.   This is incorrect.  Ms. Price did not receive a citation for OAR and was not the driver of unit 1 in that accident.   The correct driver, noted as unit 1 in that accident, which occurred on USH 8 at STH 46 N on 10/10/05 at 5:50 PM, in Balsam Lake Township, should be DENNIS CHARLES CLAUSON,  65, St. Paul, MN.   The other driver (unit 2) involved was an ALLEN D. GAUSTAD, 66, Lindstrom, MN.  Unit 1 was traveling westbound on USH 8.  Unit 2 was traveling eastbound on USH 8. Unit 2 attempted to make a left hand turn onto STH 46, North.  Driver of unit 2 stated there were two cars coming eastbound on USH 8 behind him at a high rate of speed.  Unit 2 attempted a left turn to avoid getting rear-ended.  Driver of unit 1 stated he saw unit 2 attempting to turn but did not have time to slow/react enough to avoid the accident.  Units 1 and 2 had contact in the westbound lane.  Both drivers sustained injuries and were transported by EMS.  Two passengers in unit 2, GAIL A. GAUSTAD, Lindstrom, age 65 and MARTY K. JACKSON, 58, Lindstrom, also sustained injuries and were transported by EMS.  Mr. CLAUSON was not cited for OAR.  Driver GAUSTAD received a citation for failure to yield.


10/17/05, 8 PM, Clayton Township, County Line St, 1 mile N. of CTH D, BRANDON M. SWANSON, 23, Clear Lake,  was northbound on County Line Street when the operator lost control of the vehicle.   The vehicle entered the ditch and overturned.  Operator was able to operate the vehicle home after the crash.  Crash was not reported for 24 hours.  Driver issued citation for failure to report an accident (no injuries/restraint use unknown).


10/18/05, 9:00 AM, Apple River Township, USH 8, .4 mi. W. of 60th Street, #1—ELIZABETH M. NORDEEN, 87, Clayton; #2—JOSEPH A. OLSON, 39, Amery.  Unit 1 was westbound on USH 8.  Unit 2 was eastbound on USH 8 when the passenger grabbed the steering wheel in a dispute with the operator.  Unit 2 crossed the center line and side-swiped unit 1.   The side air bag of unit 1 deployed (steering and dash air bags did not deploy).  Passenger of unit 2, KATRINA K. GUSTAFSON, 32, Amery, sustained a minor injury (no safety equipment worn) and was transported by EMS.


10/18/05, 7:12 AM, St Croix Falls Township, USH 8 at Pinewood Road, #1—MARGARET A. DILLON, 66, Centuria; #2—JON A. SPRINGER, 49, St. Croix Falls; Unit 1 (St. Croix Falls School Bus) was stopped with red flashing lights and stop arm extended with a student just getting onto the bus.  Operator of unit 2 was westbound and said he was not paying attention.  Unit 2 rear-ended unit 1.  Seventeen uninjured students were on unit 1.   Unit 2 driver, Springer, was cited for inattentive driving.


10/22/05, 8:35 AM,  Clayton Township, CTH P at 70th Avenue; #1—LINDA L. SHONE, 60, Glenwood City; #2—WILLIAM A. HANSON, JR., 20, Clayton.  Unit 1 was northbound on CTH P. Unit 2 was southbound on CTH P.  Unit 2 slowed to go eastbound on 70th Avenue.  Unit 2 said he didn’t see unit 1 due to a small hill and began his turn.  Unit 2 struck unit 1 in the driver’s side.  Unit 2 driver, HANSON, cited for seat belt violation.   Both drivers were injured.  Unit 1 driver, SHONE, was wearing a seat belt (no EMS).  Driver HANSON was not wearing a seat belt and was transported by EMS.




10/05/05, DIANE MCLEOD, RR Amery, reported that on an unknown date someone stole a lawn ornament—metal welded to resemble a bird—and a water (hand) pump with white porcelain cup from her yard in Lincoln Township.


10/07/05, sometime during the evening, a car battery was taken from the BOBBY D. LUKA vehicle while it was parked in the Indian Creek area.


10/07/05, J & L MARKET, in Osceola Township, reported the theft of 200 lottery tickets.  RICKY T. GUSTAFSON, 44, Osceola, is responsible for the theft.


10/07/05, LANCE L. BRENIZER, RR Frederic, reported that sometime within the past week his orange/white 1999 Honda dirt bike had been taken from his property.


10/08/05, the mailbox of ROBERT W. RIXMANN, RR Osceola, was vandalized, Alden Township.


10/08/05, RUDY B. BUCHHOLTZ, RR Luck, reported that his 6-gallon gas can for his pontoon boat was stolen.  During that same time period, a Sony radio and 5-gallon gas can were stolen from his neighbor’s property (JON HAACK) in Georgetown Township.


10/08/05, J & L MARKET  (Nye) reported a theft of gasoline, Osceola Township.


10/09/05, DOROTHY A. WILLIAMS (North Oaks, MN) reported the theft of a weather vane, which was decorated with two loons, from her cabin located in Lone Pine Court, RR Amery.


10/10/05, BRUCE and VICKI HAMMER, RR Amery, reported the theft of their 1993 Ford F150 pickup truck from their property in Balsam Lake Township.  Also taken were three gas containers, a Bector brand, Smart model battery charger, deep-cycle boat battery and a GPS unit.


10/11/05, BYRON R. BIRD, JR., RR Amery, reported that someone had entered his residence during previous weekend and took cash, Lincoln Township.


10/12/05, AMY S. BURSAW, RR. St. Croix Falls, reported her vehicle had been vandalized while it was parked at a residence in rural Cushing sometime during the past week.


10/12/05, RUDOLPH J. KONECNY, III, RR Dresser, reported that on an unknown date a Chinese SKS rifle was stolen from his property.


10/12/05, 150 gallons of diesel fuel and four batteries (for a semi-trailer) were stolen from a semi-trailer, owned by WISCONSIN TELEPHONE CABLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Chippewa Falls, WI, while it was parked in Osceola Township.


10/14/05, WAYNE A. THOMAS, RR Osceola, reported the theft of his golf cart.


10/15/05, LAURIE R. ABRAMS, RR Osceola, reported that someone had stolen a Nokia cell phone and cash from her purse while it was in the Gene’s Woodhill business located in Osceola Township. 


10/16/05, Holiday gas station in the village of Luck reported a theft of gasoline.


10/16/05, mailboxes owned by ROBERT M. CONDE and LEE H. DOMBROCK were vandalized, St. Croix Falls Township.


10/16/05, CASSIDY M. CONNER, Clear Lake, reported an attempted burglary to her residence.


10/17/05, KEITH J. ZIGOWICZ, RR Milltown, reported that someone had removed a duffel bag (full of fireman clothing/Milltown Fire Department) from his vehicle.  Mr. Zigowicz did recover this duffel bag on his property this date.  The only thing he was missing was a pocketknife.


10/18/05, RYAN J. JOHNSON, RR Osceola, reported the theft of his mail from his mailbox, Farmington Township.


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