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It is the Policy of the Polk County Jail that in order to ensure the opportunity for Inmates to maintain ties and contacts with family, friends, attorneys, and clergy persons, regular visitation will be provided. Visiting is scheduled to allow such access on a regular basis, limited only by staff demands, visiting schedule, and the safety and security of the facility. All Inmates will be afforded the opportunity for regular scheduled visitation with in these guidelines


Each Inmate, depending on security classification, may be allowed a Maximum of 50 minutes of visiting each week. Visiting days are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Visits will be 25 minutes in duration.

Visiting at the Polk County Jail shall be permitted, by appointment during the prescribed posted times. Appointments must be made by 8 pm the day prior to the scheduled visit.

  • Visiting for Female Inmates will be Wednesday and Thursday 6pm to 7pm, Saturday 1pm to 2 pm.
  • Visiting for Male Inmates will be Wednesday and Thursday 7pm to 9pm, Saturday 2pm to 4pm. 
  • First appointment scheduled will be honored

A maximum of four persons will be allowed to visit an Inmate during the 25 minute visiting session.

All visitors wishing to visit must be on an approved visiting list before a scheduled visit will be granted.

Visits by family members or clergy outside of normal visiting hours or without appointment, may be allowed in special circumstances, such as a death in the family. This will be done only with approval from the Shift Supervisor.

Visitors are to be advised to bring a Picture Id with them to visiting.

  • Visitors must show at least one of the following forms of identification
      1. Wisconsin Drivers License
      2. Wisconsin Identification Card
      3. Military Identification Card
      4. Out-of State Drivers License with picture
      5. Any School Identification card with picture
      6. Any Official Form of identification that can be corroborated with other forms of ID
  • Visitors must be at least 18 years of age to visit without a parent or legal guardian.  An Inmate’s juvenile children visiting must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The parent or legal guardian must be an authorized visitor of the inmate.
  • No Visitor shall be allowed to visit who does not conform to the proper dress code.
      1. All visitors will be required to wear shirt, pants or shorts, and shoes.
      2. No visitor who is wearing clothing that may offend or provoke someone will be allowed
      3. Male and Female visitors must cover their bodies from top of the shoulders to the mid thigh. Transparent material, tank tops, tube tops or clothing suggestive of gang affiliation will be cause for denial of visitation.

Visitors may bring in acceptable property for the inmate. Acceptable property is:

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Prescription Medication
  • Dentures
  • One soft cover bible or other religious text
  • Personal clothing appropriate for court appearances ( by court order only)
  • Approved medical devices (heart monitors, braces, etc. Written documentation outlining the need is required.
  • New undergarments in unopened packages

All visitors are subject to NCIC and Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau checks and may be detained or taken into custody if necessary

Any visitor or civilian caught bringing contraband into the Jail shall be turned over to Law Enforcement for arrest, interview, and prosecution.

Pre-arraignment detainees may have visits from parents or spouses only.

Visitors are not allowed to bring food, candy, or beverages into the visiting area unless necessary for childcare.

There will be no loitering in the visiting area. When a visitor is finished they must go to the waiting area to wait for others who are visiting or exit the facility.

If a visitor is disruptive, exhibits symptoms of intoxication, or violates safety and security guidelines of the facility, they may be denied a visit or have a visit terminated.

All visitors wishing to visit an inmate shall be 100% sober when entering the Polk County Justice Center.

Any and all types of cell phone use during visiting hours are prohibited.  Such use may result in the visit being terminated and loss of visiting privileges up to 90 days.




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