Learn About - Education

  Aquatic Invasive Species
  Arbor Day
  ATV Safety
  Boater Safety
  Bond Modification Class
  Cold Cases
  Comprehensive Planning Information
  Comprehensive Planning Law
  Crime Victim Information
  Density Based Zoning Subdivision Presentation
  Disaster Kit
  Domestic Violence Education Class for Victims
  Economic Support
  Election Information
  Emergency Management Institute Training
  Emergency Plan
  Exotic Species
  Financial Management
       Guardianship Guides
       Informal Probate Guideline
       Lake Organizations Guide
       Notify Medical Examiner Guidelines
       Preparing Annual Accounts Guidelines
       Property Owners Guide
       Real Property, Laws, Surveys, Plats...
       Runoff & Erosion Control for Waterfront Properties Guide
       Stepparent Guidelines
       Testamentary Trust Termination Guidelines
       Water Rights and Regulations
  HazMat Training
  Highway Facility
  Incident Command System Training
  Land & Water Information & Education Coordinator
  Lake Associations, Districts, Sanitary Districts
  Native Plant Lists
  Parcel Mapping
  Parents Forever Class
  Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers
  Public Land Survey System
  Real Property - Laws and Resources
  Restoration and Native Landscaping
  Riparian Program
  Self-help Law Center
  Shoreland Protection Zoning Presentation
  Shoreland Zoning News
  Skywarn Spotter Training
  Snow & Ice - Snowplowing
  Snowmobile Safety
  State Law Library
  Subdivision Review Process
       Montgomery GI Bill
       Veterans Educational Assistance Program
       Survivors' & Dependents' Educational Assistance
  Videos - Land & Water
  Water Quality
  Zebra Mussels
  Zoning Ordinance Background Information