Polk County Register in Probate

The Office of the Register in Probate provides the circuit courts, attorneys and general public with courteous, professional and proficient services that facilitate all proceedings managed by the Probate Branch of the circuit courts.

The Register in Probate manages all formal probate files and administrative proceedings, informal probate files, wills filed for safekeeping, testamentary trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, protective placements, civil commitments (mental, alcohol, and drug), and adoptions filed with the Probate Court. The Register in Probate is responsible for maintaining a record of all proceedings in Probate Court and maintaining a court record of filed documents in each case from beginning to final disposition. 

Legal Advice: The Register in Probate office cannot give legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you have legal questions or call the Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-362-9082.